Customized Chillers
June 24, 2016
Natural Refrigerant Chillers
August 18, 2016


NOVUS has two ranges of Packaged Chillers – one for the Industrial Process cooling Application and another for the HVAC or Space cooling application.

All our machines are built in Europe under strict quality control.

Whenever machines work , they get hot and also whenever a product is being processed for manufacture, the process of manufacture will cause rise in temperature of the product. In both these cases, the product and the machines can endure a certain amount of heat, but once the temperature goes over the threshold, then it can damage the product and/or the machine. Our Industrial process chillers are built to control Industrial product and machine temperature within limits that are specified by the machine manufacturers.

We also provide machines for Space cooling of Buildings. All kinds of buildings absorb a significant amount of heat from the ambient and the direct heat of the sun, this has a major impact on the high performance requirements associated with these buildings and the many activities that take place within them.

We provide Heating and Cooling Solutions for such buildings.

Given the considerable range of technical requirements and specific applications, a wide availability of solutions for heating and cooling and maintaining ambient comfort is fundamental.

The versatility of the terminals, the attention to detail in the design of air treatment and heat recovery equipment and the efficiency of chillers and heat pumps render NOVUS as the ideal partner for customers, designers, architects, and seeking advanced HVAC solutions for commercial applications.

Salient Features:

  • Cost effective
  • Energy saving
  • Modular and flexible
  • Environmental friendly
  • MODBUS compatibility (Some model)

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