Faridah Talib - Manager

Ms. Faridah Talib

Lee Tee Seen - Financiall Controller and HR Manager

Mrs. Lee Tee Seen
Financial Controller and HR Manager

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Mr. Karuppiah Pandiraja
Engineering Manager



For those who care about saving Energy, Resources and their Environment

It all started in 2005 when our promoters with over 30 years of experience in Industrial Engineering sector, decided to open a company called Novus Technik Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

They wanted to create a company that is focused on providing Industrial solutions for customer needs in Asia. And not only to be engaged in the business of Sales and Service of High-quality Machinery for Chilling and Refrigerating.

They believe in representing trusted and reputable manufacturers with long history and commitment to customer and quality. The products available from NOVUS are normally the latest ground-breaking technologies in the country of manufacture and supported locally by a team of committed and trained personnel.

There is always a team behind every company’s success, and through their dedication, the company strives to achieve perfection in the endeavour to provide top class support to our customers. Leading to repeat and new customers trusting us.

Ms Faridah Talib, Manager, has joined the company since 2010. She oversees back-end support of Sales and Service operations, procurement and customer service.

Mrs Lee Tee Seen, Financial Controller and HR Manager, has joined the company since 2010. She oversees all financial and HR matters.

Mr Karuppiah Pandiraja, Engineering Manager, has joined the company since 2016. He was trained in Germany and Italy for manufacturer chillers and the processes. He leads a team of qualified engineers for servicing and maintenance. He is well-versed in technical and troubleshooting. He also oversees Sales and Servicing operations.

NOVUS represents reputed manufacturers like

  • M/S Fischer, Germany,
  • M/S Aermec S.P.A, Italy,
  • M/S Donaldson, Germany,
  • M/S Walker Filtration, UK and others.


Compressed Air Dryers and Filters, also forms a reasonable portion of NOVUS business.

NOVUS has always focused on technologies and products that are Environment Friendly, by using which, our customers can obtain BCA Greenmark Certification. At the same time, these technologies will lead our customers to save huge amounts of money in terms of lower operating costs.

NOVUS cares about the environment and introduces technologies to Asia, that can contribute, in its miniscule proportion, towards Saving our Planet.

NOVUS believes by just providing a top class machine, is not the ultimate solution. NOVUS will study the customer problems and recommend how to resolve it, with one of our machine. NOVUS also believe by providing a proper and thorough maintenance can prolong the life of the machine. NOVUS have a team of service technicians who are trained in manufacturer’s plant and are capable of independently supporting customers in Asia. NOVUS team is trained to inspect all major components, understand how it functions and how to handle all delicate components with care.

Standby Spare parts and maintenance schedule is part of a solution to prevent any future emergency without delays.

NOVUS provides solutions to customer’s problem with the following products:

Refrigeration / Chilling:

  • Industrial Process Chillers
  • Low Temperature Refrigeration for Cold Storage
  • Heat Pumps
  • Built to order Chillers and Refrigeration Systems
  • Systems with Natural Refrigerants
  • Package Chillers
  • Crane Cabin Air Conditioners

Compressed Air :

  • Compressed Air Dryers (Refrigeration and Dessicant)
  • Compressed Air Filtration
  • Aftercoolers / Moisture Separators / Pressure Vessels , etc.




Well-trained service team locally (Singapore and Asia market) and we have overseas partner M/S Pace Market Pvt Ltd (India market)