The OCHSNER is a family business in Austria since 1872.
They have installations all around the world, including some for the US Navy and NASA.
OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH was founded 1978 and the company has become known for its energy saving equipment and innovation.

OCHSNER was one of the first European manufacturers to manufacture heat pumps on an industrial scale. Today, the company is recognised as one of the sector’s international technology leaders. Since 1992, OCHSNER has concentrated wholly on the Heat Pump sector.
OCHSNER has been building Large Industrial heat pumps for decades.

OCHSENER has in its standard range Heat Pumps to generate Water at temperatures all the way up to 130degC – which can later be converted to steam once the pressure is released
The current basic series is designed for flow temperatures up to 85°C with maximum energy efficiency and maximum operational safety. This is evidenced by the references for applications in the heating and cooling of buildings, industrial heat recovery and process technology.

In recent years, OCHSNER has continuously revised its series of large heat pumps. The objectives of this research and development programme were in particular to develop process heat pumps for temperatures up to 130°C.

OCHSNER operates a test laboratory especially for large machines on which full load tests up to 800 kW can be carried out in accordance with EN14511 and under field conditions. This creates trust and security for the customer. On request, he can attend the acceptance tests. The test laboratory is certified by TÜV for upto 130°C.