BITZER AVP (Original Manufactured Equipment) – GERMANY: CONDENSING UNIT SINCE 1934

For over 83 years, BITZER prioritize quality across the board without compromising whether reciprocating, scroll or screw compressors, heat exchangers or pressure vessels, BITZER products always fulfil the highest requirements.

With an extensive portfolio, BITZER have high-quality solutions for all areas of application. “Made by BITZER” represents top quality standards in refrigeration compressors and pressure vessels on all continents. BITZER products are the most convincing proof of quality: eleven of the ECOLINE series models have received the internationally coveted ASERCOM certification and are considered to be a benchmark in the industry, particularly in terms of energy efficiency. The latest system technology in a modern environment is another aspect of our quality.

BITZER only use materials and components that live up to BITZER stringent requirements. BITZER value greatly sustainability and, when it comes to environmental protection, are a driving force in the industry. This is reflected in BITZER energy-efficient products and the responsible use of resources in BITZER production processes. Numerous developments have allowed BITZER to set new benchmarks in compressor and production technology and corroborate BITZER dedication to protecting the environment.

NOVUS has now associated with BITZER for the sale of the AVP and ACP products from BITZER. Including the following:
– ECOSTAR the Intelligent Condensing Unit
– Simple Condensing Unit
– Reciprocating Compressor Packs
– Screw Compressor Packs
– Ammonia Compressor Packs
– CO2 / Cascade systems
– Parts and many more products.

NOVUS can supply to direct users or to contractors and provide technical and onsite support.