For those who care about saving Energy, Resources and their Environment

It all started in 2005 when the Managing Director, Mr Darshan Mehta, with 30 years of experience in Industrial Engineering sector, decided to open a company called Novus Technik Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

He wanted to create a company that is focus on providing Industrial solutions for customer needs in Asia. And not only to be engaged in the business of Sales and Service of High quality Machinery for Chilling and Refrigerating.

He believes by representing trusted and reputable manufacturers with long history and commitment can make customer immediately trust NOVUS, without a doubt. The products available from NOVUS are normally the latest ground breaking technologies in the country of manufacture.



We explain to customers the technology and advantages of products, with this information we give them the opportunity and support to choose the best technology to suit their needs.

NOVUS organises training of its customers for the basics of Compressed Air and Refrigeration Systems , and also the finer points of their products.

NOVUS participates in various exhibitions to showcase their producths to customers

NOVUS provides solutions to customer problems rather than selling products.

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