August 18, 2016
Spare Parts
August 18, 2016



We explain to customers the technology and advantages of products, with this information we give them the opportunity and support to choose the best technology to suit their needs.

NOVUS organises training of its customers for the basics of Compressed Air and Refrigeration Systems , and also the finer points of their products.

NOVUS participates in various exhibitions to showcase their producths to customers

NOVUS provides solutions to customer problems rather than selling products.




Frequent customized maintenance appointments help you increase your installation’s productivity and simultaneously reduce repair and operating costs.

Technical products require quality in service, advice, and product documentation!

Service quality starts with people. NOVUS have a dedicated SERVICE team who are professionally trained to service / repair following:

  • Refrigeration System
  • Chiller
  • Dessicant Dryer
  • Refrigeration Air Dryer
  • Refrigeration System for Cold Room, etc.

Many of our team members have a background and field experience in refrigeration, airconditioning or electrical engineering, enabling them to help and assist our customers with.

Some of our Engineers/Technicians are trained in Germany in the manufacturers plant.

Against the background of fast advancing technological developments, for example in the field of new refrigerants and energy efficiency, our customers and even our own employees have a continuous demand for education and information.

Hence, we work towards giving the customer peace of mind.

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