October 27, 2017
August 18, 2016


Boilers have been the preferred heat generation systems worldwide for many generations but it has a lot of downsides.

  • Boilers emit a lot of Polluting Gasses
  • Boilers need great amount of maintenance
  • Boilers are a Safety Hazard
  • Boilers require regular inspections and Certifications

Hence NOVUS has brought a new product into the market with HEAT PUMPS for industrial and commercialapplications.

What is a Heat Pump ?

Heat pump is a Specially built Refrigeration System where it will generate heat on one side and provide Cooling on the other side.

So for example in an Industrial Application you need Hot Water at 65degC for your process and also you have your Offices attached to the same area – then you can produce Hot wate ron one side and Cold water on the other side. So what happens is that you get Hot water for your Industrial application without a Boiler and on the other side you get Air Conditioning for FREE.

This technology has been available in Europe since more than 40 yrs for Space Heating but this has been brought into Industrial applications since more than 30yrs.

Can Heat Pumps Produce Steam ? Can a Heat Pump Replace a Steam Boiler?


What can be done is produce Hot water at a temperature as high as 130degC and then release the pressure on the water and convert to steam.

This is a proven technology and now available from NOVUS


Key Specifications/Special Features: 

  • Network operation (Option)
  • Compatible with ModBus protocol (Option)
  • Compatible with VMF system (Variable Multi Flow) (Option)

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