Crane Cabin Air Conditioners
August 18, 2016
August 18, 2016



Cold storages for food have become very important in the modern world. Everyone in the world wants to eat everything that is produced in various parts of the world, and that too at all times through the year!!

Cold Storages are important, and even more important is that these cold storages are FAIL SAFE. In case the Refrigeration Systems of Cold Storages fail, then large quantities of food can be damaged or destroyed. Sometimes these losses are much bigger than the cost of the cooling systems.

NOVUS partners with FISCHER in Germany to produce very high quality and reliable Refrigeration Systems for Cold Storages.

In one of our major projects we have installed a huge Refrigeration system, with SCREW Compressors , and (-)23degC Temperature for a Cold Storage in Nigeria. This is used to cool over 10000 Tons of Fish . This is in operation for nearly 7 yrs , without any major breakdown . In this project , our customers save more 50% power over similar systems they use in their other stores.
Our products are best suited for customers who require HIGH LEVEL of Reliability and HUGE power savings

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