Natural Refrigerant Chillers
August 18, 2016
HyperPac, MultiPac and Condensing Unit
October 27, 2017


The HFC gases are being phaased out so the chiller and refrigeration industry is looking for alternative solutions. Ammonia and CO2 are the two best alternative solution in the market now.

Ammonia and CO2 have been around as refrigerants since a 100 years. But in the last 50 to 60 years the synthetic refrigerants were the most widely used. Many companies in Asia now do not have experience or knowledge in building systems with Ammonia or CO2. So now, BITZER has the solution. They do all the complex work and build the compressor packs with all valves, controls, etc. Then system builders can just buy these packs, attach Evaporator and expansion device. The system is now ready to run.

NOVUS can support with engineering and design of the system. And in some cases execute the complete projects

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