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Cotes delivers the world’s most effective and reliable adsorption dehumidification solutions. But basically it’s all about know-how.

Everything Cotes does is based on specialist know-how, years of practical experience and constant research into the consequences of uncontrolled humidity.

Everything Cotes deliver stems from expert use of the basic laws of physics to tackle humidity problems and introduce unprecedented new profit-boosting benefits.

Cotes dehumidifiers are designed and built for a rough life. Cabinets made of AISI304 stainless steel, and other sturdy construction material. Best-quality components combine to ensure exceptional durability.

Cotes humidity management solutions are designed right from the outset to provide the best possible control of air conditions and maximum practical benefit, while only using a bare minimum of energy.

Furthermore, all Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are designed to be exceptionally energy-efficient, with energy consumption as much as 90% less than traditional methods involving the use of big blower heaters. This makes these compact, reliable units particularly easy to install for special application.